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Totan system’s Products

Samavat, Credit, Point and Discount Management System

The customer is always the main asset and value of any business. Attracting, maintaining and deepening customer loyalty has become one of the main challenge of any business. The need to provide loyalty services in the form of credit and points and discounts and creating a customer club is one of the common methods and…

JAAM-e-JAM, Merchant Management System

Whenever a field is being expanded, it is always necessary to be aware of the situation around it in order to identify its problems and issues and to plan and take action to solve them. In Iranian old history, the see-cup (jaam) of Jamshid which is known as the Jaam-e Jam (Jamhid’s see-cup) had this role. …

Developing Tailor-Made Software

In Totan System, we can develop software based on customer’s requirments. Our competecy is in banking and payment, then we are qulifed for developing value added services and integrated operation systems. …

Health Insurance Card System

Health Insurance is one of the most complex and challenging types of insurance for insurance companies. A developed ICT infrastructure will greatly reduce these challenges. …

Get to know TOTAN SYSTEM

Totan System as a Strategic Business Unit of Totan Group that develops and implements the software required by Totan Group members and also offers as products to the market. So far, Totan System has provided DEPA solution, which is a dedicated solution of E-payment for Totan Group members, and has also introduced Jaam-e Jam, Samavat and Health Insurance Card System to the market.

Totan system also provids tailor made software. The experience of impementing large, numerous and diverse projects in our team has made us not only as software providers, but also as solution providers. Let us know your problem and we will give you solution.

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Totan believes that human capital is the main and most valuable asset of the Tatan family. The beliefs and values expected of the Totan family can be found in the Regulations of the Totan family. All applicants are requested to carefully read it before contacing us.

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