Health Insurance Card System, As a software product, with various abilities, is designed to manage health insurance challenges.

About Health Insurance Card System

Health insurance is one of the most complex and challenging types of insurance that both insurance companies and policyholders are involved in. Utilizing a developed ICT infrastructure will greatly reduce these challenges.

Providing value-added services in the context of the electronic payment system is one of Totan’s capabilities. “Health Insurance Card System” as a software product with many capabilities provides the possibility of reducing health insurance challenges to a great extent.

This system, using electronic tools and the payment industry infrastructure, brings up the possibility of providing health insurance services electronically through the electronic payment system platform.

Health Insurance Card System Advantages

Establishing order and ease of providing customer service

Increasing the quality of services of insurance companies while increasing competitiveness in the market
Reducing unnecessary costs and preventing fraud

Ease of executive processing

Manage and refine data for better planning

Proper management and transparency of financial interactions with medical authorities

Ease of authentication of policyholders and all related processes

Providing services through electronic channels to medical authorities and the insured

Online reporting of all transactions at different levels


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