Totan System as a Strategic Business Unit of Totan Group that develops and implements the software required by Totan Group members and also offers as products to the market. So far, Totan System has provided DEPA solution, which is a dedicated solution of E-payment for Totan Group members, and has also introduced Jaam-e Jam, Samavat and Health Insurance Card System to the market. can also provide tailor made softwares.

We are not only software providers, but also more solution providers. We recommend that you also consult with us about the software or solutions you need.

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Totan System’s Vision

Totan System should always be considered as one of the high priority options in meeting the software providers of digital businesses. Every customer who uses Totan system products should feel that they should not have any other worries or concerns about this product.

Totan System Values

Creativity and Innovation

Quality Improvement

Honesty and Frankness with Stakeholders

Accompanying Customers to Meet Real Needs

Adherence to Commitments

Customer Orientation and Customer Respect

Ready to Develop External Cooperation

Professional Approach to All Aspects of Business


Totan is accredited as licensed payment facilitator from the central bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and a member of the Guild System and the Informatic High Council.

Totan Group Partners

Development and Impelementation Of Novel Ideas

Totan Group Address

Central Office

Address: 4th floor, #6, Shahamati Alley, Valiasr Square, Tehran, Iran

Postal code: 1594644719

Fax: 02188930490

Phone: 02188930490

Turkey Office

Address: Istanbul, Vadi Istanbul, Verk Land, 2B office building, number 109K/13

ZipCode: 2175164249

Phone: +902129630774


Email: Info@totan.Istanbul

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